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"Portrait of Linda Darnell" oil, c.1949   23 3/4" x 28 1/2   (P.O.R. call gallery)

Linda Darnell, (1923-1965), was a very famous actress who met Henriette Wyeth in 1947 after Wyeth was commissioned by Life Magazine to paint portraits of Hollywood beauties of the time. The two hit it off immediately.  The actress visited the Hurd ranch in New Mexico and fell in love with the remote valley where she could escape the drama and pressure of Hollywood. She eventually purchased a small farm  down the valley from the Hurds. Her friendship with Henriette and Peter Hurd lasted until her tragic death in a fire, in Dallas, 1965. Henriette painted several other portraits of Linda Darnell through those years, but the one above was a favorite, and remained in Henriette's private collection.
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